Trump’s Racist Tweets About Chinese Help Fuel Anti-Asian Hate

Trump's Racist Tweets About Chinese Help Fuel Anti-Asian Hate

Our ex president Donald Trump tweeted that the worldwide pandemic was started by the Chinese. This helped spark hate towards Asians and has caused a lot of racist conflicts. The Asian American community has experienced a striking rise in incidents of hate since the onset of COVID-19 according to officials and advocates. Trump’s tweets on hating and saying false things about Asians is adding fuel to Asian hate and it’s tragic. Blaming a country or attaching a race to anything without any basis in fact is not only disgusting, but it is dangerous.  “Anti-Asian sentiment depicted in the tweets containing the term ‘Chinese Virus’ likely perpetuated racist attitudes and parallels the anti-Asian hate crimes that have occurred since,” said Dr. Yulin Hswen, an assistant professor of epidemiology at UC San Francisco.  The result of this is that it is striking attacks to Asians, including a series of shootings in Georgia that left six women of Asian descent dead. Dr. Hswen performed a study and indicated a difference in anti-Asian sentiment when using neutral hashtags such as #COVID-19 versus racist hashtags like #Chinesevirus — 20% of the hashtags associated with #COVID-19 demonstrated anti-Asian sentiment, compared to 50% of hashtags with #Chinesevirus.  In my opinion, the real people to blame are those who refuse to wear masks and social distance, including the ex-President. #stopasianhate