Have You Played Nuclear Throne?


Yet another review of yet another roguelike. This game may be somewhat old, but is still very fun to play. If you saw my last story and thought Dead Cells was hard, this game takes difficulty to a whole new level. If you haven’t figured out by the title yet, I am reviewing and sort of explaining Nuclear Throne. I am not going to explain the story or spoil how to unlock the characters just in case you end up playing this game. This game came out in the end of 2015 and many people liked it, but it has since become less and less known throughout the years. Many people have not heard of Nuclear Throne, but if you have, then you might have heard that it is very challenging. From my own experience and seeing others play this it looks easy, but it is not even close.

This game has simple, yet very nice and stylistic looking graphics. The gameplay is also very fun, but hard to master. There are many characters to play with their own passive abilities like more health drops, more ammo drops, extra health, etc. Every character also has different active abilities like a shield put up to block bullets, a roll to get out of the way of an attack, shoot multiple weapons at once, etc. I love this game and it has a special place in my heart, but at some times I hate it. If you play this or watch people play this you might notice that you could just get completely screwed and you have nothing to do. The random generation is fair sometimes, and sometimes not. The placement of enemies and where bosses spawn is not at all up to you, you just hope it isn’t unfair. This may sound enraging, and sometimes it is, but it makes the game more fun because of how challenging it is.

You are going to die a lot, and I mean a lot. For example, explosions 1 shot you, bullets take away about 1/3 of your health, the invincibility frames are short, bosses spawn randomly near you, some enemies have a lot of health and can take away 1/2 of your health by touching you, and don’t even get me started on looping. I am not going to explain how to loop, but if you do some specific steps and defeat the boss at the end of the game, you are sent to the beginning and keep your previous upgrades, but there are a lot more enemies and bosses in every area to make that run much harder. You can easily get overwhelmed by enemies in a loop. The invincibility frames (when you get hit in most video games there is a certain amount of time where you do not take any more damage, preventing you from dying almost instantly to a few enemy attacks in a row) are very short. I am not sure how long (or short) they are, but it may feel very unfair. Let’s say for example you have 8 health, because most characters do, and a boss shoots a few very tightly spread and close together bullets. Those bullets each do 3 damage, if you do the math you die in 3 hits, you may get hit by all of those bullets in about 1-2 seconds and it will feel like you instantly die. This is one aspect of the game that makes it seem unfair and very challenging to newer players.

To summarize, this game is very challenging and difficult, it requires relatively low computer specs (basically the stats on your computer to show the limitations of it) and it is $12 on Steam and I got it for $14 on my Nintendo Switch. This is a game with simplistic graphics and gameplay, but the characters and weapon drops along with the levels and enemy placement make it very re-playable. I would rate the graphics an 8/10 and the gameplay a 9/10. This is a game you could easily spend over 100-200 hours on if you enjoy a big challenge.