We Can Have Football Games But Not School?


So this might be controversial for some but here we go.

So most of us know that sports are all kind of messed up right now. If you don’t know what sports looks like right now I will try to give you more of an understanding. So spring and fall sports are normally split up in first and second semester. One example is football, swim, and basketball are first semester sports and softball, baseball, and tennis are second semester sports. Due to Covid we could not have our normal sports how they should be. So the schools decided to overlap all of the sports, which sucks for all the kids who play multiple sports.

We all know football and how great it is but this is where my question comes in play. Football is very much a contact sport. There’s spitting, sweating, and a lot of touching. So we can do all of that but we can’t go to math class? Tell me how that makes sense. Why are we doing any sports but aren’t going back to school until April 12th? And we aren’t going back to school full time either. We are having it in a block schedule.