Famous TikTok Killer

Famous TikTok Killer


I’m sure you have probably seen the Tiktok of this girl on your “for you” page, with comments trying to make it seem as if she didn’t need to be put in jail, or those who are just curious about what she did to be put in the situation. Even though there’s not a lot of information I did the best I could with all the information I could find.

Isabella Guzman’s parents got divorced while she was still young, and she has always had a rocky relationship with parents but her and her mother’s relationship was really bad so she has been sent to her father’s to live there. Even though her parents were doing the best they could moneywise Isabella hated them for not having money, and she was just ungrateful for everything her parents did for her.

She eventually dropped out of high school after not showing up for months at a time which caused a lot of problems between her parents. It got to the point where they only saw each other to argue, and I feel like she just hated everyone around her that had higher authority. Isabella was honestly a bad person overall but her mom took time with her and tried to connect with her. Isabella said she has been abused since the age of 9 but since there is no evidence of any of that, to me I feel like she just threw that together in court to get less time.

One day she and her mom got into a big argument where Isabella ended up saying that, “She will make her mom pay for it” in an email and even had a conversation with her biological dad and he felt as if there were going to be changes but oh boy was he wrong. It seemed to everyone that she was going to stay in her room that night as she did most nights. UNTIL 9PM….

When her mom was getting in the shower Isabella attacked her mom from behind while her stepdad was down stairs and as they started to fight her stepdad tried to enter the bathroom, but Isabella over powered him and slammed and locked the door. He did the best he could and called 911. As he was going back upstairs he saw a pool of blood come out from the bottom of the door and his wife was no longer screaming, everything stopped banging, it just stopped.

Isabella walked out of the bathroom with no facial expression. Her stepfather said it seemed as if she just got out of the shower. She was covered in blood and just walked downstairs. The autopsy report says that Isabella’s mom was stabbed 79 times. If you watch a lot of crime stuff you would know how much force you need to make one stab mark so the fact that there were 79 – just says a lot. The area were she was stabbed was her neck and face area, and she was even beaten with a baseball bat. She had over 150 injuries. After Isabella ran away from the crime scene she fell asleep in a parking garage. Someone called 911 because she was still covered in blood . She didn’t fight or anything and was just taken to jail.

The reason this got famous was because news reporters recorded her in courts and she was smiling and making faces at the camera, and when people got ahold of it they began making edits and memes of her. She is now 25 years old in the Colorado institution. She has been on meds for schizophrenia and most likely won’t ever be let out of jail.