Different Ways to Cleanse your Crystals

Different Ways to Cleanse your Crystals


– salt is meant to absorb unwanted negative energies.

–  ex: place salt on a plate and place your crystal on the surface and should be left in salt for several hours or overnight

– crystals that usually end with (-ite) should be kept away from salt (ex: Angelite, Selenite, Pyrite etc.)


– sound waves vibrate through crystals and clear away any qualities that don’t match the same power source

– sound vibration helps break up any negative energy within a crystal and restores harmony

– ex: use singing bowls, tuning fork, a bell


– earths elements can purify and cleanse your crystals by absorbing any toxic energies.

– ex: bury your crystal somewhere safe underground and leave it buried for 24 hours


– purifies and cleanses other crystals

– ex: place your crystals on selenite and leave it overnight


– used to clear the energy of a space but also crystals

– smoke can clear and carry unwanted energies away from crystals

– helps raise vibrations of a crystal

– (allow the smoke to surround your crystal)