Summer is Almost Here!!

Summer is Almost Here!!


While summer is approaching I hope you stay self-distancing and stay safe because during the hot weather the numbers start to go down. Summer is the time for hanging out with your friends and going out to do things and I’m pretty sure everyone wants the pandemic to be over already because I know I do.

Next year I’m turning 16 and my family has always made it a big deal maybe because I’m the favorite (just kidding, I’m not, just the only girl) But I am going to have a sweet 16 and I hope Covid if way better by then. It is starting to become a big deal for me the more my mom plans it. My brother also turns 18 that year and we’re going on a cruise if Covid is better.

I just hope it gets better because I want to experience high school other than it just being online because let’s be honest, it sucks. The only plus side is I can be anywhere and do school, but it also is a disadvantage because if I don’t understand something I don’t really care because I can just look up the answers.

I can’t wait to go to the beach during the summer or when it is hot outside and I don’t have to bundle up because even though it’s spring it is sometimes really cold. I also am looking forward to no school, because it so stressful. As you can tell I love the summer and hot weather–I have lived in other places but nothing compares to California summer.

I am going to finally hangout with my internet friend. I have so many plans that involve my close circle of friends. I just can’t wait for summer or for this Covid stuff to be over which I doubt will happen soon but I hope it will, and I know a lot of people feel the same way. The only thing is when summer starts I will be almost done with high school while I didn’t get to even experience it yet and I think it sucks because my older brother and cousin always talk about their high school experience and it makes me so jealous.