Which Company is Better? Apple or Samsung?

Which Company is Better? Apple or Samsung?

This battle between Iphone and Samsung phones has been going on for a while. Even my family is split on the issue so I will compare the phones on a couple of things: price, camera, battery life, and organization.


iphones cost more then Samsung that are the same generations as the iphone. The cameras are good and I think can be better than Samsung phones, but it depends on the phones from each company. For the battery life, it can also vary because older phones have less efficient ones once a new iphone comes out. Organization depends of how you organize it. On the surface it’s just apps, but you can also organize notes and photos.


Samsung phones cost less then the same generations of Iphone, depending on the the type of generation you get so it varies. It seems to me with my family, Samsung seems to last longer. Once again organization depends on how neat and clean you keep your phone. So in summary each phone has its pros and cons.