Dream House


Here are my ideas for my dream house (interior):

First I want all black painted walls with white crown moulding. I also want black ceilings. I was thinking about what table I should get, and I’m conflicted between metal tables or cedar wood tables. If I lived alone, I’ll probably get a small to medium sized house, preferably 2 stories, though I’m fine even with 1 story. As for the kitchen, I want black cabinets with white countertops, probably some granite or marble. Probably some black and white patterned tile for the floor of the kitchen.

I’d also like golden accents, so if I get any lights, clocks, or some decorations, I would prefer it to look gold. The couch would be a dark brown. I also would like dark wood floors, or maybe polished/shiny concrete. For the kitchen I’d get black plates and golden utensils, and if I had the choice I’d get golden looking appliances like toasters and microwaves.

I’d get yellow lights instead of white lights to give the interior a warm atmosphere. Then I’ll probably try not to leave any wall unfilled with furniture, so it doesn’t feel empty. For the bathroom I’d get black cabinets with a concrete/dark grey countertop. Then I’ll get black tiles for the shower, maybe tiles with some pattern? Then probably a dark colored wall. I’ll also put some plants, maybe fake plants, in various places around the house. I’d like big windows, but with thick curtains as well.