Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser


Early yesterday morning, Netflix released their second teaser for the 4th season of Stranger Things. In the teaser, we can see a familiar figure known as Dr. Martin Brenner, also known as Papa, greeting a group of children in a room known as the ‘ Rainbow Room,’ which is where experimented children get to play. So, as he enters the rainbow room, the camera pans to a room labeled with the number 11, which we all know belongs to Eleven. This little scene indicates that we might be getting a better glimpse of Eleven’s dark past. This is exciting because we will be getting a better look at Eleven’s history and what happened to the other children in the rainbow room. Throughout the first season, Eleven appears to be the only child in Dr. Brenner’s lab. In season 2, we later meet another child known as ‘8’ who possesses the power of creating hallucinations. So, will we find out how Eight escaped and how the other children disappeared? Hopefully, we will get the answers we’re looking for later this year.