My Vacation Plans for the Summer


My plans for vacation have already been decided to for sure happen and it will happen 2 days after graduation day and I can’t be more excited. My family and I are going to a place called Big Sur up in the Coastal Mountains by the Pacific Ocean and I will also be meeting up with my grandparents that I only get to see once a year and we are going to camp there for 2 weeks. I don’t know exactly what we will be doing up there during those two weeks but that just makes it even more exciting. After those two weeks are up we will be heading up to my grandparents’ house in Humboldt County for 1-2 weeks and I am even more excited for that because they live in the middle of the woods. They have a huge piece of property starting with a house a pool right next to it and even farther back there is a log cabin and behind that is a trail that leads to an amazing river that you can ride down in innertubes with  fast rapids pushing you down the river. I am going to miss my friends and just being at home in general but I am even more excited for this journey and I cannot wait until the day we leave.