You Are Important!


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Everyday most of us struggle with knowing our self-worth. This year especially has made us all feel very low, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change the way we feel about ourselves. Through the challenges we face daily, it’s extremely important to put ourselves first every day no matter what. You are so much more important than you think you are and you as a person are so valuable through and through.  It’s easy to be told all of this, but what are some ways that we can actually live by this and apply it to our daily life?

Some ways we can realize our self-worth and importance is by knowing your strengths and weaknesses, learning from our mistakes, and surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel happy. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help because we never want to put ourselves in situations where we have to push ourselves past our limit so we don’t self criticize ourselves in the end. Learning from our mistakes can help because when we realize what makes us self conscious, we learn to avoid doing things that can make us not feel so important. Finally the last thing we can do is surround ourselves with the right people because unfortunately some people and life tend to bring us down so it’s good to have friends who make you feel better and happy around you. Never forget you’re important and so loved.