Olivia Rodrigo is Beyond Talented!!

Olivia Rodrigo is Beyond Talented!!

As many of you know, Olivia Rodrigo is a Disney actor who released “All I Want” from the show High School Musical. I and many other people fell in love with the song. When quarantine happened she began focusing on her music career. During that time she also went through a break up with another co star. She began writing songs and an album which is dropping on Friday. My cousin and I have been together with all her songs that have been released. We drive at night blasting it. I think she this generation’s Taylor Swift.

This is very ironic because Olivia and her mom are big fans of her, and she is her idol. Taylor Swift has congratulated and hung out with Olivia. Olivia is just an amazing person and so sweet. When she performed at the Brit awards she wrote cards for everyone that went. Everyone left them there or just threw them away except for Taylor Swift and that is so heartbreaking.

Her song “Driver’s License” has 206,349,445 views on YouTube and she performed on the Brit awards and even SNL along with her other songs that are also on her album “Deja Vu” (66,226,903 views) and “Good 4 You” (26,779,732 views). “Good 4 You” has only been out since last Thursday.

My “for you” page on TikTok is all about her and her music. I think if you honestly never heard even a verse of her songs then you have been living under a giant rock. I have got my friends and other people pulled into the drama around her song and they have loved it just as much as I do.

She hasn’t released any merch, but Target has shirts with her album cover on them. There is also a vinyl record at Target, Walmart, etc. They are all different styles, which I will be buying because they are just adorable, but first I have to buy a record player before I can buy records.

Olivia’s songs make me feel like I have just been through a major break up, or been cheated on but I have for one never even dated anyone, so I don’t know why I sing it so aggressively. I usually feel that way about a lot of music to be honest.

I have been watching Olivia since an American Girl doll movie, where she was a chef but back then I didn’t know what the actor’s name was, until I saw that it was Olivia on TikTok. I also watched her on Bizaardvark but I wasn’t a really big fan of her until High School Musical, the series. As she began to release music that’s really when I became a fan and really into all the drama that surrounded her and all the theories about her songs and who they are about.