A Good-Bye Message and My Last Article


This article is going to be a message of my appreciation and my experience with this class. This class took me by surprise and ended up being my favorite class that I took this year. When I first got put into this class I wasn’t very excited and I thought I wouldn’t like it and I turned out to be so wrong. This class gave me the opportunity to share big parts of myself and the life I am living and it was overall a ton of fun to do. I loved writing these stories knowing that I can always go back and re-read them and it was a ton of fun to write. It’s sad knowing this will be my last article when it felt like I haven’t written any at all and that there was so much more I could’ve written. I might decide to try a career in journalism later because I actually had a lot of fun writing these. But, anyways thank you Mrs. Coogan for being my teacher, you are amazing at what you do and goodbye Elsinore.