First Year of High School is Almost Complete!


I have always looked forward to high school. Most people may think it’s because you get the sense of being older but for me it’s more of knowing that it will be the best years of my life and I will make some lifelong friends. Even though most people say that most friendships in high school don’t last, my older brother’s closest friends are part of his friend group in high school.

The parties, dances, and games are all things I have gotten to experience ever since I was a kid. I grew up going to football and basketball games, and my mom even helped set up dances and has worked in snack bars. I have grown up sitting on the sidelines with the cheer team that was mainly my cousins and very close family friends, which has caused me by default to join cheer and comp cheer. I have always dreamed of going to prom and homecoming games.

I looked forward to going to a different school then my other brother and with my closest friends and playing sports with them and just in general. I haven’t really felt what it’s like walking around and being in class during high school, so I hope we go back to school next year and everything gets better. I want to experience it. I want to join clubs, try out new sports and maybe find a new hobby.

There’s honestly not a lot to write about finishing my first year of high school, But I can say that school during the pandemic was truthfully, honestly very hard especially for me because I get so distracted easily and as we all know being home can really cause people to do other stuff when you’re supposed to be doing school. I have to say the my procrastinating skills have gotten so much better and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but I have tried to get things in on time.

Being home and doing work on my phone caused me to get really distracted because anytime I get I text or notification I click on it. I know I shouldn’t but the work will still be there and if not there are more important things going on in life. I honestly feel like school isn’t based on how smart you actually are but instead your work ethic which clearly I don’t have and you would think I have terrible grades but I don’t surprisingly. I would just like give a big thanks to Google and other sources because without them I have no idea what I would have done because there was a point where I just couldn’t do school, and I just needed to catch up as fast as possible and for me I had to watch a ton of math videos.

I’m just really happy for summer to start and not having to do school anymore. I hated it so much and never was a big fan of school to began with–the social part was my favorite part but without that, no thanks. But this year was fun and being able to be at my friends’ or out of town and not miss school was great.