Dark Souls and Interconnectivity


Darks Souls is a beloved game that has been praised for its difficulty but it is much more than just a difficult game. Dark Souls has a very beautiful world that stays consistent throughout the entire game. For example, if you are on the roof of Sen’s Fortress, which is a mini castle in the game, and you look down you can see the exact layout of the previous area called Undead Parish. The game doesn’t only stay consistent throughout but it also is very interconnected. The way the game seems so interconnected is because instead of the game giving you another checkpoint to rest at it instead leads you back to the last checkpoint you rested at. For example there might be a gate or elevator that is locked from the other side near a bonfire (the game’s checkpoint system), then later you see a gate or elevator and when you use it then it brings you back to the last bonfire. At one point early in the game you go through an aqueduct, then farther into the game you take a long winded path with nothing that eventually leads back to the aqueduct. There are many better ways to allow the player to rest at checkpoints, like instead of making a long boring path for the players to go down you could just teleport them secretly back to the last checkpoint or just add another checkpoint but Dark Souls doesn’t do that. Instead it makes the player go through realistic back pathways and areas. Dark Souls could make a better system for its checkpoints but instead it shows the player not only where they are but also how they got there instead of using an excuse to teleport the player somewhere for the sake of gameplay.