Spirit Week at Elsinore High School


This week, starting Monday, August 22nd through August 27 was spirit week. For example, Monday it was Merica Monday, Tuesday it was Tie Dye Tuesday, Wednesday it was Western Wednesday, Thursday was Back to the 80’s, and lastly, Friday was Fancy Friday. For Monday we had to wear red, white, and blue just like the flag. For Tuesday we had to wear our colorful shirts splashed with different type of colors. For Wednesday we had to wear your boots and your cowboy hat to show how you would represent your Western style. Thursday we had to dress like back in the 80’s and people would dress differently. You could have work wigs, colorful clothes, and pigtails in your hair. Friday was Fancy Friday which was more fancy and you could wear dresses do your hair more crazy and wear fancy shoes. In conclusion, this is what the spirit week was at Elsinore High School. I explained how you can dress and how people have dressed so far.