Why Did Cristiano Ronaldo Get Traded to Manchester United?


Manchester United offered 15 million euros and 8 million in add-ons, totaling 23 million euros all together for Cristiano Ronaldo to play for Manchester United for 2 years and a extend for a further year. By the time Cristiano Ronaldo gets all the money from his contract he will be roughly in around his forties. Cristiano Ronaldo said his goodbyes to his fellow teammates last Friday on August 27 and boarded a private jet to Lisbon. Cristiano Ronaldo said: “Manchester United is a club that has always had a special place in my heart, and I have been overwhelmed by all the messages I have received since the announcement on Friday. I cannot wait to play at Old Trafford in front of a full stadium and see all the fans again.” Ronaldo will make his premier again for Manchester United after the international break. Ronaldo would be ready to play on September 11th on Saturday against Newcastle.