My Three Day Weekend



My three day weekend was extremely fun. I did lots of things this past weekend that I really enjoyed and had a great time. So Saturday I celebrated my father’s birthday with a small party at my house with lots of friends and family who came over to celebrate. We had lots of treats and food. For example, we had apples covered in chili and they had gummies, we had jello with my father’s picture on it my aunt made with my cousin, and lastly popsicles made out of jello with fruit. For the food we had a Hibachi catering service and my older cousin cooked different types of foods for example rice, steak, chicken, noodles, veggies, and shrimp. In conclusion, this is what I did on Saturday.

On Sunday we pretty much just cleaned up everything from Saturday and my father’s friend who also works in Hibachi cooked some more food for us and I spent the day with my cousins. We went outside and had karaoke and they ended up having a sleepover and we watched movies. In conclusion, this is what I pretty much did on Sunday.

Lastly, on Monday me and my cousins made plans to go to Temecula to go visit cousins/friends so we could all spend the day together; it was pretty much a girls’ day. It was 5 girls in total including me and we are all pretty close in age, one is 17, one is 16, one is 15, one is 14, and the last one is 12. We went on a long walk through the park and we went on the swings. We sat at a bench just talking and then we went in the car and blasted some music. To sum it all up this is what I did on my three day weekend.