Shang-Chi, the First Marvel Superhero


With the recent release of Shang-Chi, which destroyed the box office, Asians are finally getting representation in the Marvel universe. Asians are no longer filling the nerd stereotype in movies, however, it took a long time to get to this point. With the legendary actor, Bruce Lee, releasing Fist of Fury, then Jackie Chan in Rush Hour, to a whole Asian cast in Crazy Rich Asians, Asians finally got what they have been longing for all these years, Shang-Chi. While a lot of the actors are from Crazy Rich Asians, this shows how small the Asian acting community is, but at least they got an action film with an entirely Asian cast. Shang-Chi might open the gates for more Asian actors and the movie industry to view Asians in a different point of view unlike the years in the past.