My Favorite Movies


My favorite movies are Bride of Chucky and Corpse bride. The Bride of Chucky is one of my favorites because I love the way Jennifer Tilly plays in the movie, she is just one of my favorite actresses. Corpse Bride is one of my favorite movies because my favorite actor duo is Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter (spoilers till next paragraph). I would have loved if Victor stayed with Emily because they were so cute and to be honest Victoria was kind of bland. It was still a good ending because at least Emily was able to get her freedom and be at peace. Emily gained the ability to turn herself into a swarm of butterflies, likely symbolizing her going into Heaven. In the Bride of Chucky Tiffany finally realized that Chucky wasn’t worth her risking it all for and eventually tries to stop Chucky from hurting the two lovers and he stabs her but is avenged by Jade.

These two are my favorite movies and I would never get tired of watching them. I enjoyed them because the Corpse Bride is a movie I could watch and every time cry and the Bride of Chucky is a movie I could always laugh about yet feel so angry at the characters for their bad decisions. These movies are best to watch during spooky season at night but I watch whenever since I love them so much.