Teens Need Time Management


Time management is a key skill to relieve stress from procrastination, insufficient scheduling and staying on track. Especially as students, keeping a steady schedule can give you structure and help maintain focus while having multiple classes a day that also comes with the responsibility of turning in homework for each of those classes. For student athletes it is crucial to have exceptional time management, as most schools require grade checks for student athletes to keep them eligible to stay on the team. Having great time management skills can look like prioritizing homework over choosing to play games. Setting long term and short term goals can help you focus on the future while getting work done in the present. Creating a to-do list can help manage chores, responsibilities, and having a visual of what needs to be done and what you’ve accomplished. Another skill that can maintain focus is eliminating big distractions while completing work. These distractions can be cellphones, TV, and at home distractions including family. Lastly being aware of time, because while finishing work the time can fly by. To keep track of this, alarms and timers can be a great tool to provide awareness.