Global Warming, Do Your Part


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As many know, global warming is rapidly becoming a part of the world we live in.  It is quickly affecting our ecosystem and everything in it, without care. Here are some small tips you can do in your own household and day to day life to make a big impact.

  1. Conserve as much energy as possible.  This can be done by simply shutting off lights when you’re done in rooms, turning off devices you aren’t using such as a laptop or tv, and walking or riding a bike when your destination is within a safe distance to do so.
  2. Educate yourself.  There are lots of articles just like this one that can help explain what global warming is and the things you can do to help.
  3. Respect the trees.  Planting trees and not damaging the trees and plants we already have, that help produce the air we breathe will be contributing to cleaner air for everyone.
  4. Cut back on waste.  If you or your parents buy groceries or food at home only buy things you know that you will eat or use and encourage your parents to do the same.  This not only saves money but it also stops letting food go to waste.
  5. Join the fight.  There are plenty of ways you can use your own voice to help, such as peaceful protests, joining clubs and groups, and using your social media platform to encourage others to help protect the world we live in.

These are all just a few things to help create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.  Do your part in helping to save the world and don’t be afraid to explore your options and different ways to make a change.