Biden’s Planned Drone Strike in Kabul killed 10, 7 of Them Children


Two weeks ago, on August 29th, Biden had launched a drone strike on what they had thought was a terrorist for Isis-K, when in reality it was a civilian who worked for America, Zemari Ahmadi, and his family.

Ahmadi was delivering water to his family, but after having just loaded his car with jugs of water, the government claims he was loading explosives. Family said his son Farzad had just learned to drive and wanted to park his father’s car, and Zemari, happy to fill his son’s wish, let him, and as family gathered around to watch an explosion ripped through the car killing Zemari and Farzad along with 8 other family members.

Zemari worked for Nutrition and Education International. He was an aid worker who provided for communities and helped them, he did not deserve this, he wasn’t some terrorist. He was a hero for the people around him, and most importantly he was a US ally. He worked for the Americans and for his family and the people around him.

This is a war crime. This is injustice. The government and Biden led this attack based off knowledge that wasn’t true. They didn’t know for certain if he had explosives, all they knew was that Zemari’s acts were “shady.” And most importantly of all, they LIED. They had said that they killed a terrorist but instead killed a man and his family. They tried to hide it too, until family members reached out and released this information. The Pentagon still keeps to their word that only 3 civilians died but that simply is untrue. This is an act of terrorism not against the US but against the civilians of Afghanistan. Biden should be held accountable along with anyone who had to do with this strike. This shouldn’t just be blown off and to be forgotten.

Below is a link to a story about the strike and what actually happened. I suggest you read it.

In US Drone Strike, Evidence Suggests No ISIS Bomb – The New York Times (