Combat in Sekiro


Sekiro is a challenging game that I really enjoy and it has quite a complicated combat system. Most games have you killing enemies when their health gets to zero, but in Sekiro there are two ways to kill an enemy. The first way is to kill an enemy in the traditional sense by getting their health to zero, and the second way is by getting an enemy’s posture up. Posture is a kind of secondary health bar of an enemy, whereas health can only recover by consumables, posture naturally recovers or if you use certain consumable items or hold a block stance. If posture gets all the way full then the enemy can be killed. Posture can go up by hitting an enemy (while they are blocking or not), or deflecting which is when you block an enemy’s attack at the right time, but your posture can also go up from all of these reasons. Sekiro is a hard game, and is very unique because of this posture feature.