What is Happening to the World?


Climate change is a problem almost everybody knows about. Even though we all know about it not everyone does their part to help; maybe they think it is out of their hands or maybe they are just uneducated about what is actually going on.  In order to know how to help you have to know what is happening to the world.

A lot of people confuse climate change with global warming; not knowing that these are two very similar but one is what’s happening and the other is the side effects of what’s happening.  Global warming is the Earth’s rising surface temperature, where climate change refers to the Earth’s rising surface temperature and the “side effects” of the rising temperature resulting in the long term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns.  Some examples of the side effects are the melting glaciers and frequent drought.

Fossil fuel emissions are the dominant cause of global warming; in 2018 89% of global CO2 emissions came from fossil fuels.  Humans contribute to climate change because we burn fossil fuels and release other toxic things into the air causing pollution.  The air polluted with greenhouse gas traps heat into the atmosphere causing global warming.

Humans have had an unprecedented impact on Earth’s climate system and have caused change on a global scale.  The temperature rise is about twice the global average, leading to desert expansion and more often heat waves and wildfires.  The temperatures are also increasing the melting of glaciers and rate of evaporation causing more intense storms and weather extremes.  This all affects us as people because it threatens food insecurity, water scarcity, flooding, infectious disease, extreme heat, economic losses, and displacement.

Climate change is all around just a bad deal for anyone and anything on earth; it puts everything we know at risk.  However there are ways to help save the earth one step at a time and you can do your part at home.  Not sure where to start? You can read my article “Global Warming, Do Your Part” to see how you can make a change in the world and help save it.