Best Horror Movie Up to Date


Horror movies don’t usually scare me, mainly because I know what’s going to happen. The protagonist feels something behind them in the dark room, they turn around and there’s nothing there. Once they turn back around nine out of ten times the “monster” appears right in their face. 2018’s Hereditary is a different story. It was one of few horror movies that actually ┬ámanaged to scare me and even left me slightly disturbed.

A short summary of the story: follow a family dealing with a recent death of a family member only to later find out they died with secrets, disturbing secrets. From unsettling scenes to uncanny funny moments this movie will leave you slightly on edge. I recommend watching it at night for the best experience. An actor from the main cast, Milly Shapiro, stated their opinion as to why Hereditary could be one of the best horror movies out there, “it maintains its realism…it could happen to anyone.”