Top 5 Books I Read When I Was Younger

Top 5 Books I Read When I Was Younger

I’ve loved to read for years. And throughout the time I’ve been reading, I’ve found many favorite books all across different genres. Though I don’t really like middle-grade and children’s books anymore, these are five series/books that I really enjoyed when I was in elementary school.

No. 5, The Secret Series. The Secret Series is five books long and follows two children, Cass and Max-Ernest as they investigate strange things around them. I enjoyed this series a lot when I was in fourth grade. It’s that sort of book that throws twist after twist at you as the series carries on. This sense of mystery is further solidified by the author’s eccentric sort of handling of the writing. For example, the entire first chapter of the first book, The Name of This Book is Secret, is crossed out with X’s. The story is interrupted multiple times by the author, asking if he can trust you to read the next chapter.

No. 4, The Little House Series. The Little House series isn’t anything extremely profound. It’s the autobiography of Laura Ingalls-Wilder that follows her life from when she was a little girl living in the Wisconsin wilderness in 1871 to when she has her first daughter and struggles through life as seems to get harder and harder. The series spans nine books, all following Laura Ingalls Wilder at different points in her life, mostly in her childhood. The writing isn’t anything special and you can find out the information it presents with Google and avoid the questionable 19th century views, but it creates a sense of nostalgia for me. I watched the show (which still has some problems, but is a lot less problematic) when I was younger. It might not be for everybody, but it holds a special place in my heart.

No. 3, Junie B. Jones Series. Junie B. Jones is on the more juvenile side of this list, with 28 books documenting the adventures of five-year old Junie B. Jones. I read these books when I was in first and second grade. There has been some backlash against the series for the apparent brattiness of Junie B. and the poor grammar that riddles the books. This could create bad habits for young readers, but for kids who already have a good sense of grammar, reading the Junie B. Jones books could be a good time.

No. 2, The Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series. This, like No. 1, is a very beloved series. The five books follow a kid named Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon, as he navigates a world that’s filled with mythological creatures, most of which want to kill him. Between the likable characters, good villains, and great plot, there’s not much to dislike about this book.

No. 1, The Harry Potter series. I’m really just a broken record at this point, repeating things that many people have said before. The Harry Potter series is a bookmark for many readers. The story taking place over seven books, we follow Harry Potter as he goes through his schooling at Hogwarts, but nothing is ever calm for him. Each year he’s faced with some kind of adversity that he has to solve with his two best friends. The series is easily one of the best things I’ve read, and the books and movies are very well loved among even non-readers.