The TikTok Controversy

TikTok is a popular social media app that has been dragged for being controversial. Here’s some reasons why.

The TikTok Controversy

Ahh, TikTok. The application famous for its dances, funny cats, and controversies. This app has made some of our most famous creators recently. However, just as much as it makes people, it breaks them too.

We need to discuss the problem with TikTok as a whole: privacy. During his campaign, former U.S. president Donald Trump repeatedly tried to ban the app. He and his supporters believed it was a threat to our privacy to other countries. Even Joe Biden calls the app “a matter of genuine concern.”

This being said, the app is still up and running just fine. Just last month, it surpassed 104 million downloads, an increase of 42% from the last year alone. Most importantly, they are making an estimated 500 million dollars a year. Even regular people with a good following can become part of the “creator fund,” which pays creators depending on how much publicity they get. Regular girls, like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, have become famous from TikTok. It’s a big deal and an even bigger trend right now.

Not everything is all perfect, though. People post videos with private information, whether on purpose or not. There are stalkers, predators, and worse out there that have better access to victims. And, of course, you have the crazy fans who would do anything to meet and/or see their favorite celebrity. This poses a big, big problem to others’ safety and peace of mind. How are young teenage girls supposed to feel safe when there are grown men commenting with lewd things on their posts?

Again, another problem. There are disgusting people everywhere, but TikTok gives them a place to roam free. Women and young children are targeted with threats of rape, harassment, and abuse. It’s not funny or quirky to be posting these things, but people find it that way. Many, many people are getting threatened every single day in their comment sections and TikTok doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

Does this mean TikTok is any less enjoyable? Well, maybe sometimes, but the majority of times it’s a peaceful place, depending on what “side” of TikTok you are on. Does this mean people are going to stop watching it? Absolutely not. This is our main source of entertainment. It’s what got most of us through quarantine, and we won’t forget that. We just need to be more careful with what we post or say or whom we talk to.

That being said, always practice safe online etiquette and be careful!