Netflix’s “There’s Someone Inside Your House”

Netflixs Theres Someone Inside Your House

On October 6th of this year, Netflix released an adaptation of Stephanie Perkins’s novel, “There’s Someone Inside Your House.” Although I have not read the book, the movie follows a group of five outcasts on their journey of trying not to be the next murder victim at their high school. That’s right, someone is killing students from their high school and their school only. In order to find out if they’re the next victim, the killer exposes dark secrets about them to the whole town. When the killer comes after the unfortunate person it comes after them with a plastic mask of their face (the victim). Creepy, right?

I’ve said it before, I usually don’t get scared in horror movies. Unfortunately, for me, this movie was not the exception, although while watching, I did feel the anticipation when the killer was coming after its victims, along with the lingering curiosity of who the killer was. During the whole movie I was trying to figure out who it could’ve been, analyzing each character’s personality along the way and thinking what their motive could be.

I’d personally give this movie a solid 7.5/1o only because I didn’t get scared but if you like horror, thriller, or mystery, maybe even all of the above? Then this movie might be worth watching. The quality and film production is definitely one of Netflix’s best.