Squid Game


Squid Game is a new Korean drama that has recently aired on Netflix. It is about contestants who are terribly in debt, but are invited to participate in games in which the winner will win enough money to repay their debt and have a great deal leftover. It is a survival game being called the “Korean Hunger Games” because it involves people competing against each other with only one winner. The story follows a character named Gi-hun who has a gambling addiction and is about to lose his daughter because she is going to leave the country. Unless he shows the court he has enough money to support her, the courts will allow her mother to take their daughter to the United States. This show will have twists and turns that people will not see coming nor expect.

The games they partake in are children’s games played in Korea. For example, Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Candy, and Squid Game just to name a few. They have to compete in the game and complete it either in a set amount of time or by beating the other player or players. Every player’s life is worth an amount of money and if they are eliminated their money is added to a big piggy bank in the center of the ceiling.

This show has done wonders for not only Netflix but for the whole Korean drama genre. While popular, the genre has never had a major show, like Squid Game, blow up as it did. The cast is also full of lovable actors and actresses who are big in Korea and have blossomed their careers to the Western Hemisphere. Having reached the Western Hemisphere we could hopefully see some of these actors in American movies having them play Korean roles. This show is amazing and deserves to be talked about and is a big step for the Asian community.