Doughnuts Are Delicious!


I love doughnuts! They’re one of my favorite things to eat. There is this one place I go to called Pam’s Doughnuts. They make all their doughnuts homemade in the back of their shop. I would recommend going there one day. They have all kinds of doughnuts like, sugar, glazed, chocolate, crullers, etc. The cool thing about this doughnut shop is that they also sell ice cream, coffee, DeJong’s Dairy chocolate milk, danishes, bagels, and I think even muffins, and so much more. Today I got their sprinkled heart doughnut and it was amazing. Doughnuts are this yummy soft dough with either frosting on top or a delicious glaze you bite into. When you take a bite it feels like you’re in sweet heaven. I do have a sweet tooth when it comes to doughnuts. I pretty much would eat any doughnut but definitely not the ones with bacon or weird toppings. One of my favorite doughnuts from their place is glazed or glazed doughnut holes, because they make them so good compared to stale grocery store ones. No hate to grocery store doughnuts, they’re just not my preference. This wasn’t really important but I had fun talking about my love for doughnuts!!! 🍩