My Love for Animals


Growing up, I was never really animal crazy. We had two dogs, and I felt that that was enough. As I grew older, though, I began to want more than just two normal household pants.

The first thing I wanted was a gecko. I researched and researched and tried desperately to convince my mom that I could take care of one. I brought it up at least once every other day. Every time I did, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and said, “What if one of the dogs eat it?” I persisted, though. I promised I wouldn’t let it out of its aquarium while the dogs were in my room and even promised to shove towels under the cracks of my door to ensure that if it did escape, it wouldn’t get out. My mom told me that I might get one for Christmas. I didn’t, but, by then, I had my eyes set on a Chameleon, specifically a panther chameleon. I’m still asking for one to this day, and I haven’t given up hope.

A snake and iguana were also on my list, but they were short lived. When the word “snake” came out of my mouth while talking to my mom, I was instantly hit with a death glare because my mom loathes snakes, and certain breeds of iguanas are, on average, six feet long. Birds became my obsession after that because my grandfather used to have two parakeets. My mom also rejected that one.

I’ve asked for many cats, and then a sphinx cat when my mom said they shed too much. I’m also in love with German shepherds and huskies but, like the cats, my mom said they shed too much. So far, I haven’t managed to convince her that having many animals is awesome, but I’m hoping I can one day.