Try Secret Santa With Your Friends!


This year my friends and I wanted to do Secret Santa! We wrote a bunch of  names, folded the paper and chose out of a hat. We kept doing that till we didn’t have our own names. Then we all made a group chat and wrote down about 7-10 items of snacks or little things we liked. If you wanted you could add a budget but we didn’t t want to, we just wanted to have fun with it and have fun shopping. Some of us used bags and some have baskets of little goodies, but we’re all going to get together today at break. We’ll set up our things if we need to, then gather together and walk to the person we chose for Secret Santa. It’s really easy and really fun, all you have to do is find time to shop. Make sure you don’t go really crazy if you have a small budget because just remember small things matter most and anyone will appreciate that they got something. just because it’s the thought that counts. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!