Animated Sequels


Whenever there’s a popular movie, it almost always has to be followed up by a sequel. Nine times out of ten, it didn’t need a sequel, nor does it make any sense to have a sequel.

The 1998 animated movie Mulan is beloved by many. Almost everybody knows the story and most people love it (unless you’re like my mom and have questionable tastes). Mushu, a tiny dragon who wants to prove his worth so he can be a guardian again, is my personal favorite. He was funny, provided plenty of iconic lines and scenes, and he was incredibly lovable. This is why, when I saw Mulan 2 for the first time, I was shocked with how awful his character was treated. He was a bit self-absorbed in the first movie, sure, but Mulan 2 was “Trashing Loved Characters: The Movie.” Mushu turned from a little self-absorbed to downright selfish. He was perfectly fine with throwing Mulan’s happiness in the blender for his own personal gain without even bothering to talk to her about his problems. It’s a chore to make loveable characters, but it’s even harder to make somebody hate a previously loveable character.

There’s also the case of lazy sequels, such as Little Mermaid 2 and Lady and the Tramp 2. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original movies, but they were alright. These sequels can basically be summed up as “Character’s child wants what character previously ran away from.” Ariel’s child wants to be a mermaid, and Tramp’s child doesn’t want to be a domesticated dog anymore. Not only was it completely unneeded, but it also wasn’t even creative.

Of course, there’s a few exceptions to every rule. There are a few animated sequels that I like, and, unlike the ones I named here, they are creative and add to the story in a positive way, not a negative way.