Book Review: Skyborn by David Dalglish


Skyborn is the first book in the Seraphim trilogy by David Dalglish. The series isn’t very popular compared to many others in its genre. I only decided to pick this up after seeing a used copy in good condition that only cost me about five dollars. By chance, this ended up being the first book I read in 2022, and I ended up really enjoying it.

The story is set on the floating island of Western, one of six floating islands in the sky where humanity remains after a past apocalyptic event. There is one large central island, simply known as “The Center,” which has some control over the other five islands, which are constantly at war with one another. Wars are fought with soldiers known as “seraphim” who fly using mechanical angel wings and shoot elemental blasts at one and other. The plot is about two orphaned twins named Kael and Breana Skyborn, who join the seraphim of their island, just like their parents before them (who died in battle). As the story progresses, we slowly learn that things are not quite as they seem, and that things are much more complicated than the twins are told.

I overall really enjoyed this book, and just recently finished its sequel, Fireborn. Each book is around 450 pages in length, which goes by really quickly with the author’s fast paced and easily readable writing style. My only real complaint with the book is that things often times felt somewhat cheesy or cliched in certain ways. I would recommend this book to anybody who reads and thinks the plot sounds interesting to them.