Trials of Apollo Series Review


The Trials of Apollo is a series of novels by author Rick Riordan. It centers around Greco-Roman mythology and is about the god Apollo, who was punished by Zeus and transformed into a teenage mortal boy. As a mortal, Apollo is tasked with restoring the five ancient oracles, which have mysteriously stopped working, blocking all prophecy and clouding gods’ and demigods’ visions into the future. Apollo meets a demigod girl named Meg, whom he is bound to serve until he completes his quest to restore the oracles and defeat a mysterious Triumvirate of Roman Emperors.

The series, which is the third main series in the Percy Jackson Universe, following Heroes of Olympus, is a really entertaining read and I enjoyed how it picks up right where the last series left off. It was really intriguing seeing Apollo develop and learn what it means to be human as he spends more time among mortals. I was really surprised to see how some of the previous series’ characters’ stories were continued, including the death of one of them. I enjoyed more references to mythology, as well as a bit in book five, Tower of Nero, which alludes to a potential future series that follows all three pantheons (Greek/Roman, Egyptian, and Norse) collaborating to stop a big threat, thus allowing the Greco-Roman demigods to work with the Egyptian Magicians and Nordic demigods.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys action and fiction stories, as well as those who are interested in mythology. I would, however, suggest reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians and then Heroes of Olympus first.