Get Your Grades Up!!


It is almost the end of the school year! Before you know it we’ll have finals coming up and won’t have time then to do our work to get up our grades. We have about five weeks left. If you can, ask your teachers what you can do to make up your grade, or email them and see if they’ll open older assignments. This year we don’t have pass or fail so all the people that are failing might go to Ortega or get transferred if they aren’t keeping up with their grades. Start getting your assignments done now and try to at least pass with a C if you want to go to college. You can try and pass with a D if you aren’t planning on going to a 4-year college. Work hard and do as much work to get your grade up before you get held back or transferred to other schools. I wish you all good luck in trying and get those grades up as much as possible.