Ukraine War: Latest News


Photo Credit: TNS

A resident whose apartment got destroyed as a result of a missile strike on a residential building, looks at the work of the rescue team on April 25, 2022, in Odessa, Ukraine. Ukrainian forces, as well as civilian Odessans, remain on guard against a potential Russian advance on this historic port city, whose capture could help give Russia control of Ukraine’s southern coast. But given Russia’s setbacks in this two-month-long war, including the sinking of its Black Sea Fleet’s flagship Moskva, analysts regard a full-scale attack on Odessa to be unlikely. (Anastasia Vlasova/Getty Images/TNS)

A Russian-occupied area of Moldova blames Ukrainian militants for attacks. The president of Trans-Dniester, an unrecognized, self-proclaimed independent republic that shares a border with Ukraine, says his government has traced attacks this week to Ukraine, according to Russian state media. President Vadim Krasnoselsky called on Kyiv to investigate what he called infiltration of Ukrainian militant groups. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense described the attacks as Russian “false-flag” operations to spark panic and provide a potential pretext of mobilizing Russian troops to attack Ukraine.

The U.N. projects that more than 8 million people will flee Ukraine. The U.N. refugee agency is calling for $1.85 billion in additional financial support for Ukrainians displaced by war, and for their host countries. The number of Ukrainians who’ve fled their country since February surpassed 5 million last week and is projected to reach 8.3 million. More than 7 million are displaced within Ukraine.