Hospital: A Poem by Me

Here’s a poem I wrote in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Trigger Warning: It’s a rough poem.

Hospital: A Poem by Me

17, female. 

Suicide watch.  

Green scrubs and no strings, 

To them, I’m a number. 

  1. 72 hours. Room 8.

I am subjected to cuffs. 


They’re checking my heart again. 

It was too fast. 

I’m negative for pregnancy, 



“We’re looking for a bed.” 

“Hang in there.” 

The ambulance comes, and he is grumbling about the drive. 

I apologize with my eyes but I am looked past 


I arrive. 

Name, birthday, identity. 

“Why are you here?” 

I tell them, there is no reason anymore. 


“Hang in there, sweetie.” 

Like I am a kid again. 

“Your scars have faded.” 

I tell them, not the ones on my heart.