Hot Topic’s Origin

Hot Topics Origin

Hot Topic was always about what was “hot” at the time. Back in the 90s it was goth, punk and grunge. In the early 2000s it was emo and scene. The “goth” store of the 90s turned into something a little more: Disney, pop, and more was added (current popular things of our time). In October 1989, Hot Topic began as an idea and later that year in November the very first store was opened. At first Hot Topic had a small section for people who were alternative, which was loved, and little by little they kept adding more to cater to the alternative look. Hot Topic employees often wore piercings and alternative clothing that often scared other mall shoppers that didn’t shop at Hot Topic. Rumors about Hot Topic soon came after, people thought the store was haunted, possessed, or that they were devil worshipers, so they would bring their Bible and go in. Soon customers kept asking for rock t-shirts because they were usually only sold at shows and other smaller shops. Then rock t-shirts arrived due to customers’ requests. In 1999 Hot Topic was able to expand their shop for more people by having Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, and Sponge Bob merchandise; Twilight, Harry Potter, and Disney were also able to be sold at Hot Topic. Soon Hot Topic began to sell outfits that looked like characters to cater to people who went to cons, so you would see inspired collections of Disney princesses, and even sometimes villains. In the end Hot Topic has always been a store that brings in topics that are “hot” at the time.