Apex New Legend


Respawn finally gives us the backstory to Newcastle, showing how he comes to be Newcastle by fighting off the people that sold his town out too, and as they kill the old Castle hero, they give him the option to play in the games to save his city. All he wants to be is the hero that his daughter can look up to, because in the trailer we see she looks up to Newcastle. So in taking on this role he promises to win the games for his family, and then cuts to a scene of him saying that’s he’s coming to see his sister Bangalore. We also got a trailer of him fighting along side her in the games not knowing it’s her brother until he is already wounded and she then realizes its actually her brother and then the cut ends it there. So overall we got a pretty good Newcastle storyline going as well as somewhat of Bangalore backstory with her brother so overall the new character may be a big part coming to the games.