Moon Knight Episode 5


Spoilers for Moon Knight ahead…

Episode four of Moon Knight left the majority of its watchers in confusion. Marc, after getting shot, wakes up in what seems to be in a mental institution, with everything being plain white. As he looks around you can see some “Easter eggs” of previous episodes, making the audience wonder what’s real or not, adding more to the confusion.

A week later, episode five picks up right where we left off. Steven and Marc, who are now both separate people, find each other and run into a talking hippopotamus (who happens to be an ancient Egyptian god). Luckily, she clears up a few things for us but not everything.

What the episode does reveal though, is Marc’s past. We figure out that Marc is the original identity and Steven was created as a coping mechanism after the death of Marc’s little brother. Episode five definitely explained a lot about Marc, showing us how he became who he is and going as far to show us how he became the “Moon Knight.”