Moon Knight Episode 5


This past Wednesday, Moon Knight had its final episode, and as of right now a second season hasn’t been confirmed, leaving its viewers with a cliffhanger, resulting in unanswered questions.

Marc and Steven finally learn that in order to defeat the evil, they need to work together; meaning, they have to accept each other. In the end, they do, with both of the personalities switching back and forth depending on the situation and even mid-fight. Until the beginning of the final act, both of the guys finally face Harrow in his full power, coming close to defeat. Then it cuts to black for a few seconds, then back to the present where Marc stands around lifeless bodies.

A fellow viewer of Moon Knight pointed out that there were three promotion posters in different suits. One represented Marc’s version of the Moon Knight, another with Steven’s, and a last one that we have never seen. The viewer came to the conclusion of another personality within Marc, named in the comics as “Jake Lockley.”

Sure enough in the shows final minutes, he made an appearance.