500 Days of Summer


Many people, when asked to clarify their favorite genre of film, would marvel at the comforting and nuanced romantic comedy. This genre is most likely one of the most widely liked by the general public. One of the most iconic of these types of films is the renowned film, 500 Days of Summer. 

This film stars Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays the nerdy and awkward Tom. Tom is a writer at a greeting card company who has always longed for a classic love that would last a lifetime. He had always had a passion for architecture, and had also obtained a decent talent for the craft, yet the comfort he found in his mundane job was too much of a risk to leave behind. Levitt’s screen partner, Zooey Deschanel, plays the love interest, Summer. Summer is an intelligent and quirky woman of a unique and rare beauty, who is aware of the many downfalls of love, and who is convinced that she will never settle down. This film follows a common trope seen in the romantic comedy genre, in which the hopeful and optimistic partner, Tom, loves their pessimistic and negative counterpart much more than they are being reciprocated. While Tom spends the film falling head over heels in love with Summer, Summer feels as if this relationship is far from her priority. Yet, Summer does inspire Tom to become more of a risk taker and pursue his dreams of becoming an architect. Though the end of the film suffers a sadly realistic demise of their love, Tom and Summer were able to grow through each other, and learn many viable lessons, which is truly the goal of most romantic films.