Very Basics of Music


Music is what everyone listens to, different styles, different genres, but do you truly know what is happening behind the scenes to make your favorite songs amazing? First, there are pitches. Pitches are notes like A B C D E F G and sharp and flats between. On a keyboard it is usually in the order C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C. Notice how there is no sharp/flat between B and C, and E and F. Each of these keys on a keyboard, in this example, can be sharp or flat depending on the key something is in like C# can also be called Dflat. Now, musical keys are different than the ones I just explained; they share the same names but are completely different concepts. Keys state, essentially, what notes will fit together and sound good. They start from a tonic note which is what the key is named after and follow the pattern W W H W W W H, at least for major keys. A piano is automatically in the key of C because all of the white notes are in the order C; C is a key with no sharp or flats. There are also octaves which are different pitches of the same keys. A piano has more than 12 keys because the pattern keeps repeating at lower and higher octaves. There are many more complex concepts in music theory but this is a very basic summary of it.