My Junior Year in Retrospect


My junior year is coming to a close very soon, and with it ending soon, I’ve decided to reflect upon myself and my experience this school year. Getting back into the groove of in-person schooling after a whole school year behind the screen of my laptop was slightly weird for the first couple of days, but being used to it my entire life, I was able to adjust quickly, given the changes to accommodations for COVID. After getting adjusted, I found it was quite relieving being back in person, as I missed talking to friends and others as well as interacting with them on assignments if needed, and it was nice being able to talk to new people that I would not have known had we remained online. One of the things I’m most grateful for is being able to gain new close friends throughout the school year through a variety of circumstances. The memories I’ve made with these people are ones I hope to cherish for quite some time. I also enjoyed being able to get to know my teachers and learn in person, as I feel like I was able to understand a lot more and learn better. Working on projects in digital media would not have been as fun had they been done at home, as I was able to use the school equipment and ask for help if needed. As excited as I am for senior year and the memories I hope to make, I am saddened at the fact that it will be my last year in high school, and it felt like not so long ago I was a freshman, granted we were robbed of half our freshman year and our entire sophomore year. Again, I am optimistic about next year and hope it is the most memorable of my school years.