My Dogs


I have a very old beagle named Jake who has been with our family for about fourteen years. He’s old and he hates everything that moves besides my dad. He likes to hold grudges (I’m pretty sure he’s still made at me for accidentally stepping on his paw a week ago) and loves belly rubs.

Jake has been in our family as long as I can remember and some of my cousins claim that he didn’t always have the personality of an angry, retired old man, but I think he did. He’s always looked old, even in old pictures where he was a puppy and I was a toddler. He’s known for getting into things and blaming it on Ella, our other dog who is only four.

Ella, unlike Jake, loves everyone and will gladly take belly rubs from anyone who walks through the door. She also likes to tear things up but isn’t as good as shifting the blame as Jake is. She likes to play with socks even though she has toys and will bite your toes if they nudge at her. Both of them have very distinct personalities, and I love them both very much.