The History of Eggs


The history of eggs goes back as far as 6 million years! That’s crazy but although when we were eating eggs they weren’t cooked like we do today. The eggs we ate 6 million years ago were eaten raw from the nests of wild birds. The first birds to be domesticated for egg production were jungle birds; they were domesticated purely for their eggs. Indians would have the birds lay eggs in 3200 BC. Although people today believe that ancient Egypt and ancient China were the first to domesticate hens and use their eggs purely for human consumption, around 1400 BCE, in one of the oldest cookbooks dated 1669, eggs were seen to be eaten in pairs for breakfast. The first time an English medical writer recommended eggs to be eaten as breakfast was in 1620, when Tobias Venner suggested that eggs could be eaten poached or boiled for breakfast and it was actually quite popular for eggs to be eaten boiled as seen in the picture. The guy in the picture is seen eating about 4 eggs (3 from the lady serving him 1 in his hand). Eventually as time went on eggs became more popular with everyone’s culture with some cultures making them delicacies and others including them with normal foods. .