Soccer Summer Transfers 22/23


With the start of a new soccer season we see a lot of players moving teams and or leagues but these are some of the most expensive and most exciting transfers for the new 22/23 season. To begin we have Casemiro going from a Spain to a England team, going for €82 million euro ($82,413,882.52). Then a player coming from an English team to a Spain team, Raphinha coming from Leeds FC to FC Barcelona for €65 million euro (65,351,260.00). Another famous player coming from a Germany team to an English team, Erling Haaland, comes from Dortmund to Manchester city for € 60 million euros. A transfer that didn’t coast anything was Gareth Bale. Gareth moved Real Madrid to LAFC, he moved  from a Spain team to an American team. An exciting transfer is Robert Lewandoski, Robert came from FC Bayern (German) to FC Barcelona (Spain).