Musician Nessa Barrett’s Album “young forever” Coming Out Soon


Photo Credit: Getty Images,

Maddy Martinez

The famous with 19.5 million following on TikTok Nessa Barrett is releasing her upcoming album “young forever” and is soon going to come out as a pre-release on September 23rd. The actual date the album is going to release is on October 14th. The album has a total of 13 songs. She released a single off of her album madhouse and dropped it on September 9th and her other single she dropped before her album die first launched on June 24th. This would be Nessa’s second album.

Nessa became famous on TikTok in 2019 and took her career to a different level. She started writing music in the middle of 2020 and had almost 33 million streams on Spotify of her first single pain. Beating the charts, her other song “i hope ur miserable till ur dead” from her pretty poison album became very popular, and it’s her most streamed song hitting almost 124 million streams on Spotify. I started listening to her around the ending of 2020 and I think the most played songs I’ve played are “i hope ur miserable till ur dead,” “la di die,” and “dying on the inside.” I have about 300 replays on “dying on the inside,” 136 replays on “i hope ur miserable till ur dead” and about 180 replays on “la di die.”